Since 2000, we as DDB business group have specialized on design, CRM and below the line services working with many international brands.
We believe in the importance of personal marketing and supply specific solutions for the brands.
The most important aspect of all our work is creativity. In every work we do, and brand we work with, we are searching for various aspects to define, discover and set us apart from others.

Packaging and
Box Design

We design creative products
that will set apart your brand
from others’s and
will catch the users attention.

Creating Corporate

We create a structure for your
corporation which forms the frame
for your goals, and leads to
a positive first impression.


We create a new kind of customer
loyalty and are encourage
you to constantly stay in touch with them.

P.O.P ve
Stand Design

We design functional point of
purchase materials with an extraordinary brand image to catch
the customers’ attentions.

Special Kit

For your CRM work,
we promote the effect of
your products / services for
various audiences.


We provide effective publicity,
through creative scenarios
and powerful productions
for your brands / services.


We provide creative promotional ideas to help boost your sales.


With an innovative approach
leading to an overall concept,
we turn your events into
unforgettable experiences..





Being a part of the world’s leading communication Groups, DDB worldwide, we make use of the global networks’ information sources and create special strategic solutions for our clients.

Our agency was established by Jeffi Medina the general manager of Manajans Thompson and the creative director Yavuz Turgul and was named “Medina Turgul” in 1993. In a very short time its growth and work quality has attracted the attention of DDB Worldwide, one of the world’s largest communication groups. In 1995, our agency became partners with DDB and was named “Medina Turgul DDB”.

Today, Medina Turgul DDB, serving both international and local brands, is one of the 3 largest companies in Turkey. In the last 3 years our agency, which is in the top 3 in creativity, made many unforgettable campaigns. In addition, we won 12 awards in the last four years and became the most Effie winning agency. Today, we adopt DDB’s founder’s, Bill Bernbach’s universal principales of advertising as our own and at the same time take into account local conditions. For the sake of what we call creativity as “vitally necessary”, DDB’s philosophy, which states “be the enemy of the mediocrity” we do not ignore our customers necessities.
Tribal Istanbul, headquartered in New York, serving with 56 offices in 36 countries, is one of the the world’s leading digital network agencies.

It is the first agency that won the Grand Prix price during the 2009 Cannes Lions international advertising festival for the category ‘film’, and in 2007 the Advertising Age award for having the global agency network of the year . Since the last couple of years, DDB has always been between the 10 most profitable and most inspiring agencies, with their 1200 employees all over the world, offering its brands as Tribal DDB creative solutions, while arousing measurable brand demand.
Due to its great sound studio, montage and post production divisions as well as 3D animation possibilities, our company Profilm, which works in the areas of film, photography and music, provides a top service just like exteriour production companies.

Having all communication and production processes under one roof guarantees our customers many important advantages,

such as time!
In the area of media our group is the creation of the international Omnicom group’s establishment Optimum Media Direction, which has its office in Turkey. OMD not only serves Medina Turgul DDB but also helps corporations in the area of media organisation and buying services, such as BBDO group and TBWA.

This means that most of Turkey’s advertisers understand the uniqueness and experience of the services OMD delivers...


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